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4 Reasons Why You should Not Auto Post

At Social Crossroads’ most recent presentation, Is your Business Socially Relevant?, I made a few remarks about my disdain for auto posting. This led to some good discussion, questions, and concerns.  Auto posting means to share the same content among social media sites and services that you already use.  There are several sites, such as Posterous, that allow auto posting to almost all social media sites.  I use Posterous on a regular basis and love the convenience and power of this tool.  However, even Posterous gives you the option to choose auto posting to your different social media accounts.  My dislike with auto posts is directed more towards the detachment from your potential audience.

1- Social media marketing is about interacting with your online potential clients.

Using auto posting services take the human interaction out of your marketing.  Almost all consumers can tell the difference between an automated post and a message created by you, the human behind the post.  On sites such as Twitter where using hashtags (#) can help target a very specific group of consumers, auto posting services such as will only help you set a limited number of hashtags.  If your services are only limited to a specific group that follows a specific trend of conversation on Twitter, then you don’t have to worry about setting a different hashtag for each of your automated posts.  Then again, I have not met any business owners who prefer a limited audience over a larger one.

2- Most Twitter users are on Facebook but, not all Facebook users are on Twitter.

Some social media sites such as Facebook allow their users to auto post their Tweets to their Facebook account. If you are using Twitter for your business correctly, before you know it Twitter lingo will become your 2nd tongue.  To subject your Facebook fans and friends to a language and a conversation they are not a part of may alienate them.

3- Use different methods to draw people to your site.

If your objective for using social media is to draw people to your site and your product, then I would recommend using different strategies to draw people to your site.

Let’s use Twitter and Facebook for example. For each of these social media sites, I like to use different, appealing techniques to draw my readers to my sites.  Google Analytics can help me determine how many visitors I have had from each social media site.  By using different campaign strategies you can determine which technique was more effective and brought you closer to your desired goal.

4- You may have some of the same audience on different social sites.

Auto posting to the same audience may cause some redundancy that over time may become intolerable to your friends and followers.

The important thing to remember is that social media marketing is all about interacting with your fans and friends. You wouldn’t have an automated approach if your fans or friends visited your physical place of business so why would you have an automated post to these fans or friends online?